What Chicago Fire and Chicago PD have over The Good Wife…and it’s not what you think

As a big fan of continuity on TV shows it irks me when some shows get things so wrong. Case in point The Good Wife. Whereas for the most part Chicago Fire and Chicago PD get details about Chicago correct The Good Wife production team doesn’t even use the internet to research even the most basic things about Chicago like street names, locations of establishments, neighborhoods, the Chicago Public School system, the distance between Chicago and the northern suburbs and many many other things.

Two things that Chicago Fire and Chicago PD need to work on are the coats or lack thereof that characters are seen in during cold weather months and syncing the production schedules so if they do crossover stories the weather matches. FYI both shows shoot exclusively in Chicago.

Getting back to The Good Wife (which shoots in NYC exclusively), in the first season when Alicia and the kids move to Chicago Alicia mentions that they moved into an area that had a good school district. Anyone who knows Chicago can tell you that the entire city of Chicago falls under one school district so the correct lines should’ve been “We moved to an area where Zack and Grace will be able to attend the best Chicago Public Schools.”

Also, there is no way that Zack and Grace would be attending the private school in the suburbs that they transferred to after their stint in public school in the city because of two things: the length of time it takes to get to the northern suburbs would negate their attendance at the school and the fact that even if the school admitted them there are plenty of non-religious private schools in Chicago that they could’ve used as a template and changed the name.

Kalinda’s move to another apartment is another example of the show getting it wrong. There is no way that Kalinda would’ve moved to the cross street that they used for her new address. That neighborhood is on the west side and Kalinda is more of a Streeterville, Gold Coast, Old Town or Lincoln Park kind of woman.

Just a few episode ago they used 5th Avenue as a location when in fact there is no 5th Avenue in Chicago. I could go on and on but in this day and age where we have google and more specifically google maps with street views there is no excuse for a show with as high of standards as the Good Wife to get these details wrong.

Maybe they need to hire me (I live here in Chicago) to do this kind of research and pay me a monthly fee as a freelance production assistant.