Why visibility and representation matters!

I’ve been away for quite some time doing some soul searching about the direction I want to take this blog. I will continue to talk about LGBT issues as they relate to pop culture and politics, however, I will also be expanding my reach to include representation of women and POC in all areas of life.

As I’ve been reading online articles and blog posts its becoming clear to me that unless we continue to speak out places like twitter will get away with not having any women on its board of directors (they finally added one woman to their ranks late last year but it took people pointing it out for twitter to make that change). Business, politics and the media are still mostly run by white straight men and unless we speak out things won’t change so I will be dedicating this space to that effort. I hope to be a catalyst for change so young people can focus on other things when they get older.

Stay tuned for my first official blog post of the new year in the next few days. Think Hollywood and award season. Also, you will still hear from me about my latest pop culture obsessions.

Olympic Fever and Politics in the United States

With the Olympics officially beginning today in London, I am extremely excited to see our athletes shine at all the venues. On the political front, I am pleased as punch (since I am a supporter of President Obama) that Romney is continuing to put his foot in his mouth. Romney he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. His gaffes in London – especially when he revealed that he met with the head of MI-6 – are further proof that he is completely clueless and cannot be trusted to run the country. Romney is caught inside two isolating bubbles which he can never escape from – Mormonism and the one percent. Also, I am loving the relentless British press for going after Romney. Keep it up!